Sunday, 2 September 2012

What's in a name?

Just trying to get the name right has been a bit of a musical journey for me too. I hope this name will be the final when chosen since each name change involves a considerable amount of work.

Other name attempts which failed the test:


MusicByIpadStudios.  Is the name I have settled on.

My name of the website platform simply reflects what I have been doing from when I started this journey two and a half months ago.

I have been using the iPad / iPod almost exclusively to do the recording and also to do the music in providing the backing tracks or to do MIDI with my keyboards. Why studios? Well I presently record  in two locations so it should hardly be studio which would mean one location.

The iPad combined with the iPod computer systems is going to completely change the way music is made in the future. Levels of music genre experimentation will increase exponentially prompted by the incredible cheapness and high quality of the music apps which are available. This means that any person of school going age is able to use their pocket money to get an app and try it out.
The iPad is going to become to music what the spectrum ZX 81 was to computing.

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