Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Journey Begins

Am I buying a stairway to heaven ?Listen to the song

Perhaps yes I am buying a stairway to heaven and singing like people have done for thousands of years and I'm singing well-known songs like people have done for thousands of years.

But I am using a new technology which has a global reach. So far  my songs , my covers of well known songs,  have been heard by people from Australia to Chile to Canada to Russia to Africa and of course to Europe. Never before in history has been possible for a complete unknown singer to sing to a global audience. But with this reach also comes a great responsibility. A responsibility to ensure that listeners are entertained , that listeners are intrigued and that listeners want to listen to the next song or watch the next video. Listeners should never feel embarrassed or awkward by what they hear  over the Internet.

What am I saying?  I have a responsibility to ensure that quality above all is paramount. If I'm doing a video my priority should still be to ensure that the sound quality is as good as it can possibly be, even if I look slightly awkward as I attempt to sing something with my face screwed up.

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