Thursday, 30 August 2012

Downloads and where do files go to

Was suprised to see that GeminiOneStudio tracks are now appearing on loads of MP3 file sharing sites. In some cases the files have been downloaded in other cases the files have been linked.
This is a development which is not welcome since control over what happens to the music and the setting of the music been lost. It is against GeminiOneStudio ethics that these files should be placed with files of a questionable nature since the intention is to ensure that all of Geminionestudio songs are accessible to the whole family from the teenager to the grandparents.

Steps which have been taken to mitigate against this from spreading:

  1. Download of files facility removed
  2. File embedding elsewhere now restricted to only me
  3. Masterlink name changed to GeminiOneStudio. This action should disrupt all the MP3 file sharing sites which claim to only have a link to the original file. However it will also disable all tweets and e-mail links already sent out. 
  4. On request to download a file I will make it available by Soundcloud secret link. No request means no download. It is with deep regret that these actions have been taken but my hand was forced.

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